Blog - What's "NEW" at Vom Seymour Kennel

  • Kevin/Bert, Joe/Brie, Dan/Belka, Sam/Boca & Darwin/Boz From Left to Right (All B Litter Vom Seymour Dogs) 10/17/2015
  • FIVE VGP Vom Seymour Drahthaars
    FOUR being PRIZE I

    Great job to all of the handlers this weekend!

    Brie vomseymour 309 Prize I
    Boz vomseymour 309 Prize I
    Boca vomseymour 303 Prize I
    Bertram vomseymour 280 Prize III
    Belka vomseymour 276 Prize I

    Thanks to everyone for all of their hard work.

  • Grouse Camp 10/12/15
  • Road Trip back from 2015 Armbruster in Utah 09/30/15
  • Callie vom Seymour "Callie" & Furst vom Schlagenflub "Keeper"
  • 14th International Armbruster
    Roosevelt, Utah

    We are proud of our Callie. She took 7th Place Overall and received an 11 Form & 12 Coat.

    Great job to all of the handlers and a BIG thanks to the VDD-GNA Wild West Chapter for all of their hard work to make this event possible!

  • Joe Aumann w/ Callie vom Seymour14th International Armbruster Zuchtprufung (Roosevelt, Utah) 09/16 - 09/19/15